Elevate Your WordPress Experience with Advanced AI Chatbots

Leverage cutting-edge technology, ensuring every conversation delivers real impact and satisfaction.

Interested in our free version?

Basic (free)

Integrate MxChat with your WordPress site seamlessly, offering unlimited chats with a simple click install and minor customizations without any support needed.

  • Deploy instantly on WordPress with “bring your own key” model for OpenAI access
  • Effortlessly sync with your site for immediate, generative AI-powered conversations
  • Track engagement with basic analytics for a direct insight into chat performance

Premium (paid)

Unlock the full power of MxChat with a large, vector-embedded knowledge base for $299, including 1-year support, full customization, and insightful chat logs.

  • Access an expansive knowledge base embedded with advanced AI for deeper interactions
  • Enjoy full customization options to align perfectly with your brand identity
  • Benefit from dedicated support for a year, ensuring smooth operation and optimization

Easy WordPress Integration

Streamline your website engagement with our click-to-install WordPress AI Chatbot Plugin. No coding, no fuss – just a smooth, straightforward setup that’s live in minutes. Enhance your customer experience effortlessly and keep the conversation going.
WordPress AI Chatbot Plugin

Customizable Chatbot Design

Tailor your chatbot’s look and feel with ease. Select colors that complement your branding for a seamless website aesthetic. Beyond aesthetics, empower your bot with system instructions to behave just the way you need. It’s customization at your fingertips.
Customize Appearance of WordPress AI Chatbot Plugin

Expansive Knowledge Base

Equip your AI with a vast repository of knowledge, ready to tackle any query with precision. Our chatbot leverages vector embedding for efficient and scalable knowledge processing, ensuring your AI is both informed and intelligent.
Knowledge base for WordPress AI Chatbot Plugin

Insightful Chat Transcripts

Maintain excellence in automated customer support with insightful chat transcripts. Monitor interactions, gauge your AI’s performance, and fine-tune its responses. With our detailed transcript reviews, you can pinpoint areas for improvement and keep your chatbot sharp and effective.
Integrate Tools
WordPress AI Chatbot Plugin

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